Your History ja rogers

  • THOMAS ALARCON, left handed Negro violinist, was one of Cuba’s leading  omposers and orchestra conductors in the late 1800’s.
  • 500 Negro miners were brought from HAITI and 200 White ones from FRANCE to work the famous lead mines of MISSOURI in 1723.
  • JOHN THOMAS a Negro barber, was one of the richest citizens of Nashville, Tenn, in 1800. General Andrew Jackson was one of the guests at the marriage of THOMAS’ daughter.
  • ELIZABETH TAYLOR GREENFIELD, “The black Swan” was one of the world’s most amazing songsters. In 1809, miss Greenfiels while singing on a lake boat captivated a society woman who placed her on the concert stage. After sensational triumphs in America she went to England in 1854 where the highest nobility, including three Duchesses, became her patrons. Queen Victoria praised her highly. Miss Greenfield’s voice was three octaves and a fourth. She could sing Soprano, Tenor, and Bass Equally well and was a skilled Harpist and guitarist of her own instruction.
  • MIFFILN W. GIBBS, a Negro who began as a shoe-shiner in San Francisco, rose to be a city Judge and a United States Consul. GIBBS, after owning the first shoe store in San Francisco, went to Victoria B.C. where he studied law. Returning to Little Rock, he practiced law and was later elected City Judge there in 1873.
  • PIERRE CAZENAVE, a Negro undertaker of New Orleans in the 70’s, originated a method of embalming so perfect that it was believed he had discovered the secret of the Ancient Egyptians.He died without revealing his secrets.
  • WILLIAM ALEXANDER LEIDSDORFF, a Negro, owned the first steamship ever to enter San Francisco Bay. This was in November 1847. The ship was called the “SITKA.” LEIDSDORFF, who was one of the richest men in San Francisco, was a native of the Virgin Islands and was the son of a Dane and a colored Woman.