The Jazz Intersection Foundation







To positively affect the quality of life Locally, Nationally and Internationally through Jazz Music, History and Culture.


  • To increase the awareness of jazz as an art form through workshops and in education programs.
  • To develop and offer scholarships to students and jazz organizations and institutions.
  • To preserve jazz, while broadening the existing jazz audiences.


STATE OF HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND CONSUMER AFFAIRS BUSINESS REGISTRATION DIVISION 335 Merchant Street Mailing Address: Annual Filing, P.O. Box 40, Honolulu, HI 96810 DOMESTIC NONPROFIT CORPORATION ANNUAL REPORT AS OF October 1, 2016 CORPORATION NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS THE JAZZ INTERSECTION FOUNDATION P.O. BOX 60635 EWA BEACH HI 96706 Principal Office Address 91-1471 MIULA ST. #5212 EWA BEACH HI 96706 1. Nature of Activities ORGANIZED EXCLUSIVELY FOR CHARITABLE, RELIGIOUS, EDUCATIONAL, AND SCIENTIFIC PURPOSES. 2. The name of the registered agent and the registered agent’s street address of the place of business in Hawaii of the person to which service of process and other notice and documents being served on or sent to the entity represented by it may be delivered to. JAMES C. HARBER 91-1471 MIULA ST. #6104 EWA BEACH HI 96706 3. List all officers and directors. Offices Held Full Name Address S/D TEXIER,RICHARD K 350 WARD AVE. SITE 106, HONOLULU HI 96814 V/D RICH,JESSICA LANI 350 WARD AVE #106, HONOLULU HI 96814 CEO/P/T/D HARBER,JAMES CLARENCE 91-1471 MIULA ST. #5212, EWA BEACH HI 96706 T/TREASURER BUTLER, DEBRA 91-221 EWA BEACH RD., EWA BEACH HI 96706 NO CHANGES Checking this box means there are no changes reported. The Department will not be held responsible for any changes made to this report. CERTIFICATION I certify under the penalties of Section 414D-12, Hawaii Revised Statutes, that I have read the above, the information is true and correct, and I am authorized to sign this report. October 27, 2016 JAMES CLARENCE HARBER JAMES CLARENCE HARBER Date Signature of authorized officer, attorney-in-fact for an officer, or receiver or trustee (if the corporation is in the hands of a receiver or truste