Who We Are?

Our Mission

The founder & creator of The Jazz Intersection

James Harber a Chicago native remains inspired to expose good music and artist the best way he knows how. His tenacity to expose good music that’s unmatched online. He continues to work diligently to bring the performers out of the dark into the light. With your help we can spread the word so that the music can start healing us from the core of our being. We’re glad that you found us and we are even more excited to bring more music and entertainment your way. 

our mission

We love giving back. So we created a nonprofit corporation to help the people in our community. However, we are asking for your support. Will you join us? There’s an opportunity for you to donate to our corporation. 

Planting the seed of righteousness is the at the heart of art. Lets take the word heart for example. You can’t spell the word “heart” without “art.” What we learned is that the two goes hand and hand with each other. 

Our Core Values

We have our values in order. We bring good music, documentaries and highlight the culture as we build trust with our visitors.