About The Art

The Jazz Intersection was developed from my lifetime passion for music, and my desire to be one of the preservers of “America’s Classical Music…Jazz. For 15 years now, there is no money involved, just from the heart, and my passion for Jazz.  But, it has been a struggle  at times, so if you would like to help, just hit the DONATE button. We have presented America’s music via thejazzintersection.org, Radio, live, and at educational Institutions. We have just started to exercise new media alternatives to reach the masses,and look to always to be in the forefront, keeping the music alive. So, we implore you to join us on our journey. “thejazzi”

Music Therapy

December 22, 2022

“Just Christmas Music”

Music Therapy

February 27, 2021

“Straight Ahead Jazz”

Music Therapy

Published on: Sep 15, 2019

.Borderline Music (love)